What is the 11+ exam ?
The 11 + exam was born out of the 1944 Butler Education Act. 
The 11+ is an examination taken by some pupils leaving primary school who wish to gain a place at a selective secondary school.
What subjects are set in the 11+exam?
The contents of the 11 + exam can vary, according to which school you are hoping to get a placement. 
The exam usually consists of: Verbal Reasoning, Non - Verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.
Why get help for the 11+?
Gaining a place in a grammar school may be a high priority for some parents. The 11+ exam cannot be retaken so gaining a high mark is the only way of securing a place. Grammar schools are vastly oversubscribed. 
How can we help?  
We offer English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning.
Personalised teaching combines 1:1 teaching/tutoring with the elements of brain training, concentrating on the results, attitude, and confidence as well as on cognitive skills, focusing on the attention, speaking and listening, auditory, visual processing, logic reasoning, and memory.
We offer 1-hour teaching (or longer at the request) with the personalised approach for visual, auditory and tactile learners. 
In addition: assessment, exam techniques, study skills and practice paper! We are working in collaboration with parents/carers. 

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